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Rough Lumber
The World of Hardwoods carries a variety of domestic and imported rough lumber, sold by the board-foot, in thicknesses ranging from 4/4 (1" thick) up to 16/4 (4" thick) in stock.  Other sizes of rough lumber are also available by special order.  We offer discounts on volume and can order the sizes and quantities you need.  Call for a price quote and see the difference!
Dimensioned Lumber
We maintain an inventory of many popular sizes of lumber in domestic wood species, especially poplar, red oak, maple, cherry, walnut and birch.  We provide lumber milled to custom dimensions in almost any available domestic or imported wood species, priced per lineal foot.
Home Improvement & Restoration
The World of Hardwoods supplies custom milled unfinished hardwood flooring, siding, and decking for indoor or outdoor use.  Our staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate type of wood for your home improvement project.  We also offer glue-up and specialty fabrication services such as custom stair treads, hardwood countertops, fireplace mantles, and more.
Furniture & Cabinetry Supplies
We carry solid hardwood & hardwood veneer plywood for furniture and cabinet making.  We offer custom cutting, milling and other specialty fabrication services for decorative panels, laminated and edge-glued items, and many other products.
Boatbuilding Lumber
We carry many types of solid timber and plywood suitable for marine applications.  Our staff will work with your project plans and materials lists to supply the wood or milled parts, as you need them.  We offer the advantage of applying volume discounts on the total order in a single progress invoice.
Wood For turnery & Other Specialty Crafts
The World of Hardwoods supplies wood products for many specialty artisans, including bowyers, model aircraft builders, and boat builders.  We look for highly figured and unusual woods using n specialty applications such as turned bowls, gunstocks, and novelty clocks.
Tonewoods For Musical Instruments
We carry many species of wood for building musical instruments.  The luthiery to percussion, our staff can assist you with selecting the appropriate woods and grain types for your next musical instrument project.
Our shop is equipped to handle planning of wood to 25" in width and 6" in depth. We are able to run small and large runs of custom molding in many types of wood. Machinery is available to do custom turning, fluting, rope moldings and rope legs from most types of wood. We are able to machine sand to widths of 44". We can take lumber from the rough board to a fished project delivered to the site and all of the steps in between.

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